BISQUIT Moscva bd. 20;;Phone: + 373 (22) 32 95 45 Cafe "Bisquit" opens for its visitors new possibilities. On the cafe ground floor the small cozy little confectioner's shop is located. The cafe has the Wi-Fi internet, hookah.
CACTUS Armyanskaya str., 41;; Phone: +373 (22) 50-23-94 Traditional Latin American dishes and a culinary delicacy of European cuisine, exotic salads, seafood, real steaks and Italian desserts and many other tasteful dishes. And it is along with a wide card of alcohol drinks and classical cocktails.
BEERMANIA Alexandru chel Bun str., 83 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 22 73 31 "Beermania" is the place of fans of beer and judges of culture of “beer-drining”. The cafe is successful located in the city centre, it has parking place. It is the best place to have a rest in the evening after a working day of for weekends.
44 JAZZ Alshiboara str., 44;; Phone: +373(22) 22-44-95 Live jazz and the blues, relaxing atmosphere of the warm interior of natural wood and leather, equally good for a romantic dinner and for meeting with friends. ; On the scene of the cafe it is possible to see local and foreign jazz bands, blues collectives, and also to become a participant the art- or theatrical project.
CAFE CAFE Eminescu str., 50 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 21 30 36 Cafe “Cafe Cafe” is located in a private residence of the middle of the nineteenth century. Stylish interior, magnificent kitchen and atmosphere of comfort are necessary elements of cafe of today.
OFFICE-CAFE Miron Costin str., 12;; Phone: +373 (069) 310750 It is located in one of the central areas of Kishinev. In spite of it “Office-cafe” is located far from city vanity, in the place where noisy everyday life of streets doesn’t exist.
BIG DEAL Mitropolit Varlaam str., 69 "А";;Tel.: +373 (22) 213 132, 213 536 The mood in “Big Deal” creates the interior, attention to each trifle. A harmonious combination of a tree and colors, ceramics and glass, comfort and heat and wonderful kitchen makes the cafe the best planes for rest.
LAVAZZA CLUB Veronica Micle str., 10/1 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 22-83-00 It is called as known brand of coffee “Lavazza” and it is located in the centre of Kishinev. Armchairs in halls are doubtless plus. It is pleasant to communicate with friends, colleagues and to drink Italian coffee slowly and enjoying taste of desserts
CAFE DE ITALIA Gr. Vieru bd. 21/1 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 24 32 32 The cafe has the spacious terrace surrounded with plants, with convenient furniture, also it hasa hall for non-smoking visitors. ; The kitchen in Cafe de Italia is the palette of tastes based on one general idea - natural, freshness and usefulness of products. All dishes, without an exception, are with artificial components.
CHAMPIONS CLUB Decebal bd. 99;; Phone: + 373 (22) 92 64 65 European and ethnic cuisine are presented in the cafe. ; In the club karaoke works, on days off thematic parties with competitions, draws and surprises are organized. For those who prefer productive leisure - on the second floor of club is Russian billiard.
LOFT Iorga str., 3 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 89-00-75 The menu does not remind the big cookbook. There are not a lot of positions, but all of propositions are result of laborious work of authors of the project. Veal fillet with oyster mushroom sauce, chicken liver and grasses paste, Tarte Tatin and a ball freshening ice-cream and many other dishes you will find in the cafe.
FISH-KA Dacia bd. ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 56 96 96 Fish-ka is “before, after and Party Bar” in which are harmoniously combined cheerful parties, and romantic meetings, business negotiations, family meals, an early breakfast or a business lunch and many other things.
QUICK CAFE MOLLY Arborilor str., 21 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 68 078 078 “Quick cafe Molly” is located in Commercial centre “Shopping MallDova”, on the 4th floor. In the “Quick cafe Molly” to you will be offered potato with different stuffing, for all tastes. Those to whom it will be not enough will be offered to try different salads, soups or desserts.
TAXI BLUES Moskva bd., 1/2 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 49 40 10 Cafe “Taxi Blues” concept is “Let you soul to have a rest”. The crossroads of roads, as well as a crossroads of destinies draws in "pub" or in "taxi" - at your choice, at least "Taxi-Blues" combines both “”pub” and “taxi”. ; Simple, but a stylish interior, a scene under the sky, green lights of taxi and taxi seats, brick rough walls - such conditions pull together people.
VANILLE Dacia bd., 31;; Phone: +373 (22) 57 19 32 Confectionery-cafe “Vanille” is presented by a magnificent interior, a cosines and excellent service which will make you habitues of the cafe. ; All desserts and quiche lorraines are made only from natural products. Tasty and rare grades of tea, the coffee, masterly executed cocktails will give completeness to your romantic date, friendly party or business meeting.
DELICE D'ANGE Cantemir bd. 3/2 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 26 03 17 “Delice d’ange” is a small cozy two-storied cafe located in city centre. It is a place where it is possible to try traditional French sweets. ; The cafe looks very spacious because of the big windows and pleasant decoration of a premise in a combination to a variety of a confectionery delicacy and seductive smells make you to feel very cozy. Besides, it is forbidden to smoke there. The Wi-Fi internet is also available.
QUICK CAFE MOLLY Arborilor str., 21 ;; Phone: +373 (22) 68 078 078 In the “Quick cafe Molly” the tastiest potato in a city is prepared. “Quick cafe Molly” is located in Commercial centre “Shopping MallDova”, on the 4th floor. ; Potato that is made by cooks of the “Quick cafe Molly” is an especial dish - because they know everything about potato. Moreover, they are able to prepare it so that to keep all useful properties. In the “Quick cafe Molly” to you will be offered potato with different stuffing, for all tastes. Those to whom it will be not enough will be offered to try different salads, soups or desserts.
CHEEESE CAFÉ; karaoke-cafe Kalya Eshilor str., 10;; Phone: + 373 (79) 435 352 Karaoke-cafe “Cheeese cafe” is located in the biggest billiard club of Moldova - in Billiard Hall. In “Cheeese cafe” it is pleasant to spend time in breaks between playing billiards, to drink a cup of strong coffee or eat something.
COFFEE HOUSE; net of cafes Dechbal ave., 23; Phone: + 373 (22) 50-56-88 ;; Mircha chel Betrin str., 6;; Pushkin str., 32;; A Russo str., 1; Phone: + 373 (22) 45-06-26 You can find these cafes in different palce of Kishinev and always enjoy cozy atmosphere, wonderful kitchen and first class service.
NOBILE LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL ENGLISH CIGARS CLUB Eminescu str., 49/1 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 400 400 The menu of the club includes only the best drinks: Scottish whisky, American bourbon whiskey, perfect cognacs and amazing wines as well as wonderful dishes.
CARLSBERG PENA PUB Bucuresti str., 67;; Phone: + 373 (68) 776 650 “Carlsberg Pena Pub” offers to its visitors the freshest beer in the city. Kitchen of “Carlsberg Pena Pub” is a find for connoisseurs of good meal.
COFFEE BEANS; coffee-house Shtefan chel Mare str., 103/2;; Phone: + 373 (22) 23-56-33 Exclusive coffee. There you can try not only grade of coffee in the pure state, but also a mix of several grades. Mixing of grades helps to create desirable and certain taste, a saturation and aroma of coffee. The blend (mixing) is an art which is based on knowledge, experience and intuition.

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