ACASA LA MAMA Petru Raresh str., 59;; Phone: +373(22) 24-12-78 The restaurant with national cuisine “Acasa la mama” suggests to its visitors to enjoy domestic atmosphere.
ALAVERDY Moskva ave., 1/2;; Phone: +373(22) 44-50-82 If you have strong desire to try something especial, to feel unforgettable aroma of the well-known Georgian wines, to try the refined dishes of national Georgian kitchen your choice is the restaurant “Alaverdy”.
AMBASADOR sos. Hincesti, 216/1;; Phone: +373 (069) 811-244 Restaurant "Ambassador" has very various kitchens at level of the highest standards. At the restaurant "Ambassador" you always can take pleasure of the best dishes of oriental and western kitchen prepared by the skilled cooks.
BANQUET PREMIUM Moskva ave., 11/1;; Phone: +373 (22) 40-37-17 European cuisine dishes. The talented head cook of restaurant can prepare for you and your friends not only classical dishes, but also dishes “fusion”, or to offer you oriental classics such sushi and others.
BANQUET ROOM Bucuriei str., 1/6;; Phone: +373 (79) 114 114 Menu of the “Banquet Room” has been developed by the best cooks of Kishinev. The menu gives priority to the European and traditional Moldavian cuisine
BIER PLATZ Mihai Eminesku str., 55;; Phone: +373 (22) 22-91-63 Halls of this restaurant simulate the Munich square during traditional German beer festival "Oktoberfest". ; Basic menu of the restaurant is certainly beer. There are more than 10 kinds of beer, light and dark.Also the restaurant offers to its visitors the Wi-Fi internet, Hookah, Live music, TV.
CARAVAN Eminescu str., 64;; Phone: + 373 (22) 222 405 There is a real oasis of the East in the centre of Kishinev - the Uzbek restaurant "Caravan". "Caravan" is the hospitable Uzbek house in which a guest will be meet warmly, will be spent to a cozy place, covered carpets and soft pillows, will be tastefully feed, and at last will be offered tasteful made tea.
CASA VINULUI Ghioceilor str., 1 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 592 791, 592 792, 592 793, 592 797 Modern complex of restaurants - tasting rooms “Casa Vinului” is the unique project for Moldova. ; It is clear that such level the restaurant complex assumes corresponding kitchen. In the menu of the restaurant the best Moldavian and European dishes are harmoniously combined.
CHALET Mateevici str., 34;; Phone: + 373 (22) 27 85 76 Restaurant with the name "Chalet" is located on one of the capital streets; it combines universal symbols of heat and hospitality. The Alpine kitchen of the restaurant is presented by a variety of firm salads, hot dishes, and also a cheese and chocolate fondue and different desserts.
CLUB ROYAL PARK Trandafirilor str., 6/2;; Phone: + 373 (22) 57 40 80 The restaurant "Club Royal Park" is located in an elite hotel complex. The spacious hall of the restaurant is decorated in classical style with elements of the Chinese decor. It is conditionally divided into "zones".
CLUB CHURCHILL Bernardazzi 42 ;; Phone: + 373 (22) 544 997 If you want to feel the atmosphere of London in Moldova you need to visit a restaurant “Club'n'Pub Sir W. Churchill”. ; The interior and all decoration are made in the style of the best English houses: natural wood, fabric wall-paper with an ornament liberty, chairs with the leather upholstery "quilted" by carnations.
MARIUS Eminescu str., 41/1;; Phone: + 373 (22) 23 52 47 “Marius” is a restaurant of high kitchen. It has everything to surprise even the most exacting gourmets. To visitors of restaurant who prefer to enjoy traditional dishes the European menu will be offered. ; "Marius" is an ideal place for business meetings and negotiations in the comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
MILOR Alecu Russo str., 16/1;; Phone: + 373 (22) 45 07 98 Cafe-bar “Millor” menu is rich and various. On a choice of visitors the set of the cold and hot snack, the first dishes, desserts and drinks is presented. The special attention is deserved by the first dishes of European and Moldavian kitchen.
MONCASTRO Peresechino,;; Phone: + 373 (0235) 94 100; 42 006; 94 700 “Moncastro” is a restaurant complex in 30 km from Kishinev; behind the well-known village Peresechino. And if you would like to escape from vanity of a crowded city, welcome to the heart of Moldavian Kodr - in Moncastro.
NORI Pushkina str., 32;; Phone: + 373 (22) 21-10-80, 21-10-67 The restaurant of Japanese cuisine "Nori" is located side by side with a shopping centre “Sun City”, near to a city central square.
NEGRUZZI-2 Negruzzi bd. 2;; Phone: +373 (22) 83-75-83 Cafe “Negruzzi 2” attracts attention at once. In the cafe you can celebrate any as you like. In cafe all dishes European and ethnic cuisine are prepared tasty.
PATI BAR Kalya Eshilor str., 26/1;; Phone: +373 (22) 75-36-51 Restaurant “PatiBar” is located in a cozy district of the city in the centre of a picturesque large forest. ; Kitchen PatiBar represents the broadest assortment of dishes of European cuisine which can satisfy the most exacting taste.
PIRAMISA Moskva bd. 10/3;; Phone: +373 (22) 310 448, 069 383 384 In order to get to Ancient Egypt it is required to open a door in the cafe "Piramisa". Cafe "Piramisa" is located in one of the central areas of the capital, but it is hidden from city vanity. The cafe building is nearby to a park zone. ; The cafe interior is stylized under Ancient Egypt On the cafe ground floor a spacious hall is. It is the ideal place as for business negotiations, business lunches and corporate meetings, and for family celebrations and holidays.
VALENTIN AND VALENTINA Alexandri V str., 8;; Phone: +373 (22) 729 154 Restaurant "Valentin and Valentina" is an excellent place for festive and business actions, and also romantic dates. The first hall of the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the restaurant; it is an ideal place for family holidays and buffet tables.; The second hall which occupies all top floor of a building of restaurant is more capacious. Also the restaurant has a small hall which is located separately from all other premises and it is good for only one company.

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