Belfry Right behind the Holy Gates stands a beautiful belfry, the 1998 exact replica of the original belfry built in 1830 at the same time with the Metropolitan Cathedral. The original belfry was demolished in the 1960's. It represents an important religious and historic sight. The belfry comprises four levels with a small chapel on the ground level and several bells at the top. 

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Chisinau

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Chisinau The architectural center piece of Chisinau, the Metropolitan Cathedral, was built in 1836 designed by Avraam Melnikov. The cathedral has a symmetrical neoclassical composition and boasts three altars dedicated to three saints. The cathedral suffered serious damages during World War II and has since undergone several reconstructions. 

The Monument of Stefan Cel Mare

The Monument of Stefan Cel Mare Commemorating the great Romanian ruler, Stefan cel Mare, the monument was set in Chisinau in 1928 by the decision of its sculptor A. Plamadeala. Since then the monument has moved several times traveling to the neighboring Romania and back forced by political situations. Only in 1991 did it occupy the current location on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard. 

Holy Gates

Holy Gates Commonly known as the Arch of Triumph, the Holy Gate was built in 1841 and represents a symbolic architectural landmark of Chisinau. It is located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, facing the Great National Assembly Square. The monument is two storied with four Corinth style columns and the upper level decorated in a classical style. There is a big clock on the front facade of the arch. 

Pushkin House Museum

Pushkin House Museum The house in which Alexander Pushkin, the 19th century Russian poet classic, resided for three years whilst in exile to Chisinau is now a museum. Some of the poems he wrote during that period have been acknowledged as marvels of the Russian literature. The house interior is typical of the 19th century; among the exhibits there are original Pushkin's manuscripts. 

Armenian Church

Armenian Church The Armenian Church was reportedly built on the remains of another church ruined by the invading Turks in the 18th century. The architectural style of the church is typical of the 18th century Moldova. Since then the church has undergone several restorations. 

Rascanu Church

Rascanu Church Dedicated to Saints Constantin and Elena, Rascanu Church stands top of the hill overlooking the Bic River. Built in the year 1777 by the rich boyar Constantin Rascanu, the church is now recognized as an architectural monument. At the time it was built, the River Bic was navigable and formed a large reservoir in front of the church. There is a graveyard near the church in which some famous Moldovan personalities are buried. 

Mazarachi Church

Mazarachi Church Mazarachi Church is considered to be the oldest in Chisinau architectural masterpiece set in stone. The construction dates back to 1752, the most productive period for Moldovan architecture. The church represents an old-style Moldovan temple believed to be unique of this region.

Chisinau Spring Monument

The stone block marking the location of the water spring that gave name to the city of Chisinau is set at the foot of the hill upon which stands Mazarache Church. The name of the spring - "chisla noua" - is believed to be the archaic Romanian for "new spring". 

Chisinau Zoo

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